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Ardhanareshwar and Bhringi Rishi

It all started with a sage named Bhringi was an immense devotee of Lord Shiva and was always immersed in chanting prayers to impress Shiva. Once all the sages decide to visit Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and worship them, but Bhringi worships only Shiva and leaves.

On this Parvati says wildly to Shiva, “Shiva, I am your better half then why did Bhringi rishi worship only you and not me? I want him to worship me as well.” Very calmly Shiva replied, “What can I do if he doesn’t want to worship you?” Parvati then demands to have permission to be in half of the Shiva’s body, and Shiva happily permits her. And in this way, the avatar of Ardhanareshwar evolves into the world.

Angry Parvati when sees Bhringi, takes all his blood and flesh, leaving him only with bones and life, “Rishi you refuse to worship me, hence I take all your flesh and blood, and won’t return them until you reverence me.”, says Parvati. This doesn’t diminish the devotion of rishi, rather he chants a prayer and evokes Lord Shiva. Impressed by his devotion Shiva appears, and says, “Say Bhringi what boon you want from me?”. Overwhelmed rishi just demands, “Lord, I just want to be a beetle.” Shiva grants his wish.

Bhringi rishi then in the form of beetle enters from the navel and worships only the half body belonging to Shiva. Seeing his devotion, Parvati is deeply touched and returns his flesh and blood. According to Hindu mythology, we believe that a mother provides blood and flesh to an infant and father provides life and bones and thus the nature work.


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